Some changes are coming to “Steve On Steins”

This week we added a discussion forum. It’s in it’s infancy and just now being set up. I could use your help too!

Register for the site on the right. Once your membership is approved – log into the forum and browse to the category “Forum Topic and Category Suggestions” and post some suggested categories. i.e. “Meetings and Clubs” – “SCI Chapters” – or even general categories like “Pewter”, “Silver”, “Milk Glass”, “Regimental Steins”… You get the idea.

Once I have some good categories I can get to trying to organize them… There’s already a Q&A section up – which is pretty bare and needs some help. Also – if anyone would like to post articles or guest-write some things we can put those in there as well… I’m also going to add a “Bring-n-Brag” section and and area to post items for sale. Just remember – it’s pretty bare right now – and the sooner we can start getting some content added the sooner everyone can begin sharing.

We’re already looking at another more robust solution for the forum – as this one seems a little light on features. But don’t let that stop you from signing up. In the background there’s a bunch of housekeeping going on. We set up a feature to report broken links and missing pictures.  Please report any that you find in the forum under “Site Support and Answers”.

There is also a “Stein Questions and Answers” section to ask questions you have about steins and maybe help others learn too. Have an old stein around and want to know more about it? That would be the place to ask.

There are other features coming in a while.. More on those when we get there.. Lot’s of work to do…

Until later…