What have we here? #4

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“Subject: copper pass cup

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I inherited a copper pass cup with some almost indecipherable signatures (one appears to be “Adams”) and marks including what looks like a lantern. It has a tin lined bottom. It is solid copper- very heavy with soldered not riveted handles and I think it is about 200 years old. Who would I contact for more information

Anything you can do to help me figure out what this is. It came from a house in Ellsworth Me.built in 1822 that my parents bought and restored in 1974. My brother took this from the house when my father died and when he died last year his widow gave it to me. The “story” my father told my brother was that it was made by a coppersmith who worked on shipbuilding for Nahum Smith who built the house and was a “mariner”.”

Let’s give her a hand in answering some of these questions…


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  1. This appears to be American made. In my opinion probably in the 1800. Without seeing the marks clearer, maybe you can check out http://www.oldcopper.org and search through the pages looking at coppersmith marks.

    Most things made before the end of the 1800’s anywhere was not marked with coppersmith markings. Shortly after the industrial revolution, marks started appearing on item for retail purposes and as advertisement for future sales.

    Just look through the countless pages of marks until you find one that looks similar or exactly like yours. Hope this helps a bit. I am more versed on Copper steins and tankards, but willing to help when and where I can.

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