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“The sport of drinking.” [4] Humor / Comical / Kids / Beer ads.

“Who said beer stein collecting was “Mickey Mouse?”


In 1952, Noah S. “Soggy” Sweat, Jr., a member of the Mississippi House of Representatives, was asked about his position on whiskey. Here?s how he answered:

If you mean whiskey, the devil’s brew, the poison scourge, the bloody monster that defiles innocence, dethrones reason, destroys the home, creates misery and poverty,  yea, literally takes the bread from the mouths of little children; if you mean that evil drink that topples Christian men and women from the pinnacles of righteous and gracious living
Aandinto the bottomless pit of degradation, shame, despair, helplessness, and hopelessness,
then, my friend, I am opposed to it with every fiber of my being.

However, if by whiskey you mean the oil of conversation, the philosophic wine, the elixir of life,

the ale that is consumed when good fellows get together, that puts a song in their hearts and the warm glow of contentment in their eyes;
if you mean Christmas cheer, the stimulating sip that puts a little spring in the step of an elderly gentleman on a frosty morning;
if you mean that drink that enables man to magnify his joy, and to forget life?s great tragedies and heartbreaks and sorrow;
if you mean that drink the sale of which pours into our treasuries untold millions of dollars each year, that provides tender care for our little crippled children,
our blind, our deaf, our dumb, our pitifully aged and infirm, to build the finest highways, hospitals, universities, and community colleges in this nation,

then my friend, I am absolutely, unequivocally in favor of it.

This is my position, and as always, I refuse to compromise on matters of principle.








These art works I have found and copied most of those that were questionable as “worthy art” have been moved to this page. They will be here on site for research, or use in articles in the future. Feel free to copy and use yourself. I believe all are in the public domain, but if I infringed on anyone please send me your name and I’ll do proper crediting.

Enjoy!      Steve

And the “kids of today” think they invented this type of drinking! Given the HB steins on the floor, this must have been in Munich.

Your editor after the first big photo data crash in 2010!

Same dude as above, or my other brother Daryl?



















Cribbage anyone?   Handmade. I think it would have looked better if the maker had cut open the handle




















[R] A very poor boy;  a German with no bier !































































                                                                                                               R = The Munich Maid




















The mug is almost as big as she is.




















And he died of lung cancer at 10!

And even the Goebel figurine people got into the act with their Hummel;  “For pops.”


[L]  Young Bacchus, The God of wine, drinking . and peeing. [R] The baby Bacchus drinking beer, of all things!

One of the best beers ever made in Germany !

These are call stamp posters. They were to be used on letter / postcards and advertised certain breweries. This is one from Ererl -Brau, one of my favorites as I also collect Boars.


Eberl-Brau stein commemorating 300 years. One of the top (my vote) 100 beer steins in my collection [FWTD]  Below:the fantastic molded lid and thumblift for the stein above. Most probably made by Lichtinger in Munich.



Another stamp-poster. A Berlin brewery’s take off on the Munich Maid.


















Above:  One of my favorites. “Monkeys as members of a German dueling society.

Above: There are a series of three (known) bronze plaques that look German and have German drinking motifs but they were made by Dehls & Stein, which  was a chemical supply house in Newark, N.J. (1906 – 1938).  They specialized in selling supplies to brewing companies. Their address was  237 South Street in Newark, New Jersey. (Info from WB, the owner of these three plaques – the missing  one to be posted some day.)


Painted bronze wall plaque showing “The King”  in full regalia. Made by Dehls & Stein, New Jersey, dated 1937. (Comps=WB )

Real characters of Munich (See the “Target Lady” serving the beer) shown as “character steins”  I think these would make a great series of new steins!

 Illustrator: “Noagal Zutsla” (drinker of remains of) original watercolor ca. 54x35cm (representation) to paint cardboard (67 x 48); around 1930.


No steins here – just checking to see if you are paying attention! Shown: “Candice” at age 20, in the leaves on “Gnome Hill”!

She just got married at age 23! Dumb girl.

A “student” dog smoking and drinking.

No problem, ladies! Steve

[Above: Compliments of] =   I’d rather get my beers as below !!


Now we know what these are for (the three kegs I am referring to of course!) My kind of woman! At least 11 full 1 liter beer steins.

“Life is   “(again)

USA post card – in stein form, but what the hell are they wearing while celebrating a water mill in New Ulm?

Oh, I remember those good old days!


[END  – SOK  –  52 –  3D]

  “He who laughs last, thinks the slowest.”









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