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Reservist’s (Regimental) reproduction beer steins. How to tell [2] Photos.

Some of the most common reproduction “Regimentals” are shown below; chosen for their variety from over 1000’s photos I have in my data files. Should you see your stein below, you can bet it is a repro!

Above: The old style double tiered lids, these were the first series of “repros” produced. Because they look somewhat like the originals, with the exception of the slanted sides and the bump on the handle. They sometimes sell as high as originals, especially having scenes as on left above, which is a medic’s stein.

Above: Older styles, with the smaller non-decript lid, “dumb lion” thumblift, two side scenes and very light hand printing of the names and unit.

Above: Older styles, with the smaller non-decript lid, and four side scenes. [R] This “Navy” sold for $171.00 in 2008!

Here’s are Two nice ones. [L] A gold colored (not plated) lid to match the gold bands, that contrast so well with the bright red paint. [R] A “Navy” with an infantry man finial.

Above: A couple with newer, brighter colors.

LEFT PHOTO: A comparison between two makers: [L] a pistol grip, conical lid, and one side scene. [R] Single hump, two side scenes and flattened conical lid.

While some older originals are seen in clear glass they never made anything that looked like this.

Above: An older style series, with a smaller non-decript lid, with two and four side scenes. By the late 1960’s the steins were being packaged as a set of six; one for about every major branch of German military service. They were sold through the large department stores here in the USA for “attractive” gifts as most American didn’t have a clue what real ‘Reservist’s’ steins were.

An interesting variant. Two different names, a different lid mold (No 4 or 5 ?) and a copy of one of the nicer original Bavarian “Lion and Shield” thumblifts.

Below: A sampling of the newer reproductions Reservist steins, all closer looking to the originals than the earlier models .

The dates are part of the decal and not painted on. These Zeppelin scenes are attractive to new collectors.

ABOVE Compare the bottom rim decor with an original from the late 1880’s to the ONE BELOW .

An original reservist’s stein.

Infantry finial, but body shows Pioneer scenes, and pistol grip handle.

[L] AND [R]  2 very well done repros – if it weren’t for the “cabbage” being between the Blue and White state stripes, it could easily be mistaken for the real thing. The crown on the pioneer is a nice touch also. Too bad they put the Baden Griffin thumblift on a Bavarian stein.

Above: Two of the best fakes, [L] The dates are from the 1800’s, when the original style was not introduced until about 1908. {R] About the only way to tell is wear and that the name, date and ship are decaled not painted. Not seen too often, was probably too expensive to make.





“ZIMMERMAN’S REPRO’S.” Around 9 years ago now, a firm called Zimmerman made a new series of reproductions steins. I have photos of 11; But I believe there were more likely 12 steins produced (of which I only show four due to space limitations.)

Lots of these “Zimmerman’s”were / are  still sold on eBay and other stein sales sites. They are nice looking porcelain steins, and look faithful to the original until up close, one can spot the oak leaves in the Bavarian state stripes on the body, and the handle, and that Baden “Griffin” thumblift once again! The casting of the finials is not the best, but what do  you want for $109.00 here in the USA?  If I were to (ever) give a repro for a gift it would probably be one of these.


Three repros of the V&B Mettlach “regimental” series steins, all based on the real stein series shown just below:


SEPTEMBER 2011: Thes big guys, which are very well done, were recently spotted on one of the large auction sites, and they were called as reproductions = It is getting real “Hazy” out there between the old and the new.

[both above = tsaco]


[L] Originals were never on a squat porcelain body such as this one.  {R] A ludicrous stein = decals on molded white glass, not even porcelain.

POS’s  = [L] more white glass, not porcelain.  [R] I think this one might even be  Japanese.


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