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Risque Steins? – As With Many Things; It Is All in the Eyes of the Beholder!



The above, very scarce, colored lithophane comes inside this the half liter porcelain “Schützenliesl” or the “Target Girl” (Munich) stein  shown below ▼. Ca. 1885. The maker of these colored lithos is still unknown, [2014]  but all we have seen are all in  in this same shaped porcelain body. 

$sos - risque Munich  target lady - 1


Please see the discussion of a very similar lithophane, in the same vein, at  Unanswered questions”  .

Also For the info on this lady: “Schützenliesl” or the “Target Girl”, go to “S” in this site’s Compendium.

for the future selling of steins on auction sites such as eBay, etc. My web site was really started as an informational site for beginning beer stein collectors that would be looking for the info and not the general public. This

STILL     =

(A difficult lid to photograph!)  What the Dad (with the rifle) is pointing to on the ground, is another man’s hat! So what was his daughter doing in the hay?  “Just picking flowers dad. Honest!”


Porcelain insert on the inside bottom of the lid.

Porcelain insert on top of lid.


Lid insert.  No caption needed.

Porcelain lid insert showing three “ladies of the night” at their work place – the saying is: “Where is the mouse ?”

A self explanatory porcelain lid insert.  Stein Ca. 1870.

“duc de Montebello”

Party time in old Germany, when this type of “partying” was legal !

The gentleman” depicted must be  “Louis Napolean Lannes, duc de Montebello,”  who became “Minister of the Marine.” Born in Paris on 30 July 1801, died on 19 July 1874.    (The date of the hinge and thumblift design on the glass stein this was on fit the time period.)

Above: Close up of the rather full “bosom”  Risque for the time (on a beer stein.)

If one looks close enough, one can see a breast and a nipple! Wow !

“He has a nose for such things!” (Porcelain lid on a “mud” hunter’s stein.)  Really risque at the time.

A very well done blown and bevel cut glass stein with Munich pewter mounts = thumblift

Well along the same theme  as above, it’s the eyes that have “it!”  ▼  ▼  ▼


“It’s too busy around here my dear. Please let me show you my dog’s house out back!” ▼  ▼  ▼


[▲Self explanatory, I believe]

There are at least two different production runs of the same lidless stein. A special beer stein order for a (now) unknown German house of prostitution. The scene is called: “Two pussies drying by the stove.”

Shown: The names of the girls working at the whore house are in small relief on the sides of the stein above. If you were at “the house”  you would make your choice and then give the small name tag to the madam (as everyone was on a first name basis!)


Different, hey? It is usually the other way around – such as just below ▼.

Looking at her bottom,” Below ▼  [Stephen Smth collection]


ZUR GUTEN AUSSICHT”   (“for a good view”)

This lid was found on .5 liter mold blown glass stein with applied fire polished ‘teardrop ‘prunts allover drum,  has a rough pontil mark showing in recessed base. Closed hinge  so =  Ca. 1860  [Stephen Smith collection]

Same two guys , now grown up ??

More “buns” showing than “boobs” were the fun back then!

A trained dog is always an asset! And as above, “the buns!”

And in case one wanted to see more of the asset, there was this one liter stoneware one could buy. Scarce!

A PUG scene of the same subject.  .5 liter,  Ca. 1900.

“THE ‘WURST’ ( SAUSAGE) GIRL” [Stephen Smith collection]


A post card  with the  same image. I wonder which came first?


two  nicely handpainted and show semi-erotic scene if one understand  the meaning behind the titles.

 [L]  one with a lady adjusting her stocking and a man watching her with inscription “Unpleasant Control”

the other [R]  is showing a man hugging the same lady (a Shepard) with an inscription that was translated as “The most beautiful lamb I found in the pastures.”. 

These stein lid inlays are nicely framed in black laquer frames. 

Editor;s Note: Lots of these removed-from-the-stein-lids are now found on the secondary market within frames.  My collection has three of them, all of Gambrinus (The king of beers).


The wine witch –  Slang term for this very new molded ceramic wine server. I am not certain why the face on the one shown is darker than her body (embarrased (?)  .  but with that outfit on, I doubt it!), but probably the temperature was too hot and the pottery mis-fired. The one in “FWTD”  has  the same color as the body. [Stephen Smith collection]

When compared to the “old” work this newer stein’s lithophane leave a lot to be desired! However this one nude woman shown to the top is at least pretty interesting as she really shows a lot of skin. It was found iwithn a 1957, USA Post War  (Cold War ) stein. It is very scarce – I have never seen another.

I believe the Germans substituted the less overt “girl with the drape”  [above] soon after, and that became their standard ‘litho’ for quite some time.

Called “Cock and hen.” The reverse inside is a nude woman. Really “brand new.”

And last, “but not least” (pun intended!)

They can’t get much more “risqué” than this phallic stein. The glass makers have been making these for centuries in Europe. But I must say, I have never heard of “Brown Balls” before, only “Blue ones ▼!”

Now, that is cold !!

A ‘new’ American made pottery beer / coffee mug, entitled “Let them swing!”

See other more “PC” “mugs” at:



[END – SOK – 40 – R5]


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