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Links: To more beer stein information and identification. (1) Other well researched beer stein / drinking vessels articles. Very worth reading!



Need info on a stein mark? Please visit: “The  Stein Maker’s”

This site is maintained by Mr. Chris Wheeler of SCI E-mail Address:

For some  photos of all types and makes of beer steins in others’ collections, and for a much expanded maker’s “mold number” data base, I recommend you visit:  http:/

For much more information on Theresienthal Glas hutte and their glass roemers, please do visit:,

The site is maintained by Stephen Buse, a delightful young fellow.

For a massive file on fayence (faience) and the scenes to be found  and the number of them, by factory, and this is for serious students of fayence only: 

Email my friend Bill at:

Also please read all the “Guest article” pages on this web site by Bill Hamer.

For most all you’ll ever need to know about “Character steins”, please visit David Harr’s:

There is some real interesting reading about drinking vessels on the WWW.

Ancient and Old glass – A very well done web site:

Here is another good one:  “Bewitched! (A urine witch bottle.) ”



Thumblift Odyssey
All Known Freising Factory Marks Explained.
HR Steins and the Freising Factory Revisited
The Fritz Thenn Regensburg Steinzeug Factory 1874-1886
Beer Stein Ceramics Simplified
Twisted Vine Handles Simplified
Porcelain a Short History from 1708 to World War I
Finishing Shops were not Manufacturers
Capacity Marks by Manufacturer
Salt Glaze, What is it and How Do you Recognise it?
Pewter Fittings Through the Ages
A Concise History of Faience and German Factories
Westerwald Steinzeug 1600 – 1914
Jeweled Lids, Myth and Superstition

When is an August Saeltzer Stein, Not?
Simon Peter Gerz
Victor von Scheffel
Celtic Art and the Historismus Movement
A Single Event Merkelbach & Wick Stein
Freising/HR Steins Enameled Over Saltglaze
A Student Stein from the Freiberg School of Mining
Schlaraffenland and Schlaraffia – An expanded version
A “Classical” Hunter’s Stein
They Speak to Me
The Pre-HR Freising Factory 1876-1882
Freising/HR Character Steins
Inspirations for the Art Found on HR Steins
German Faience Beer Steins
What are the Odds?
To be, or Not to be Genuine, that is the Question.



   A Russian Boar Stein. By David Harr
   University of California Football Stein. By Ron Fox
   American Naval Stein. By Ron Fox
   Copper Wheel-cut Engraved Glass. By Ron Fox
   Majolica Philadelphia Souvenir Steins. By Ron Fox
   Nixon Agnew Inauguration Stein. By Ron Fox
   Steins by Friedrich van Hauten. By Ron Fox & John Lamb
   Stoneware Steins from the Sarreguemines Factory. By John Lamb
   Mission San Luis Rey Stein. By Ron Fox
   Wheelock China Souvenir Steins. By Ron Fox
   Whites Utica Custom made Steins. By Ron Fox
   Whites Utica. By Ron Fox & Dave Roche
   Steins Made from Unusual Materials. By Ron Fox
   St Joseph’s Academy. By Ron Fox
   Pan Am Exposition Stein. By Michael Slutskin & Ron Fox
   KPM Porcelain Steins. By Ron Fox & Danny Cipriano
   Glass Decorating Techniques. By Ron Fox
   Captain Otto Weddigen Stein. By Ron Fox
   Coloring the Glass. By Ron Fox
   Rare Tiffany Stein. By Ron Fox
   Stanhopes. By Ron Fox
   Steins Made in the USA. By Ron Fox
   The Pewter Factory of August Weygang. By Ron Fox
   Whites Phillips Academy, Andover. By Ron Fox
   Unusual Stein Makers Reichard M. Krause. By Ron Fox
   Wingender Brothers and The Indian King. By Ron Fox
   Magdeburg Faience Factory (1754-1785). By William Hamer
   Poppelsdorf Faience. By William Hamer
   Identifying Faience Steins. Part 1. By William Hamer
   Identifying Faience Steins. Part 2. By William Hamer
   Plastic The Perfect Collectible. By Sue Fox
   Schierholz Character Steins. By Ron Fox
   Musterschutz and Schierholz – The Missing Link. By Ron Fox
   An Odd Stein. By Ron Fox
   Chittenango Pottery Co. By Ron Fox
   Basket Weave Steins. By Judy Stuart
   Marzi & Remy Alligator. By Ron Fox & Walt Vodges
   Serpentine Stein. By Ron Fox
   Larsen’s Perfect Game. By Ron Fox
   August Saeltzer Factory. By Ron Fox

And ONLY for the benefit of new collectors who want to know as much as possible about this hobby, I will also suggest that they read this List of “FREE” articles at this subscription based beer stein information site:

Just enter the subject as shown  below on “Google .com” and the page should appear.


‘The Hobby of Beer Stein Collecting”



 Beer Stein Collector’s Glossary
 Collecting Antique Beer Steins
 The Lure of the Beer Stein
 What Does This Blasted Thing Say?
 The Practical Side of Stein Collecting
 Detecting Stein Repairs
 Antique Beer Stein Prices: Adjustments for Condition
 Westerwald Beer Stein Handle Gallery 

     Early Ceramic Steins (Pre-1850)

17th and 18th Century Stoneware and Faience Steins
 Kreussen Stoneware
 Historical Salt-Glazed Stoneware From Central Germany
 Westerwald Steinzeug: 1600-1914
 Faience Steins
 A Very Concise History of Faience and a Listing of German Faience Factories
 Early Stoneware Steins from the Les Paul Collection**

     Figural (Character) Steins

Why Character Steins?

And the other 9 articles listed one must pay for.

      Glass Steins

Introduction to Glass Steins
 Glass Glossary: Terminology for the Glass Collector
 Glass Stein Manufacturing Techniques
 Glass Coloring Techniques
 Glass Decorating Techniques
 American Cut Glass

     Mettlach Steins

The Essential Mettlach Marks*
 Forward to Mettlach Steinzeug 1885 – 1905
 The Mettlach Occupationals
 The Mettlach Book Steins
 The Mettlach Tapestry Steins

And the two other articles one  must pay for.


 Mettlach City Scene Steins
 Mettlach Decorations: Not Always What They Seem to Be
 Mettlach Brewery Stein Variations
 Mettlach Decorations That Vary by Size
 Mettlach Inlay Variations


 Introducing Heinrich Schlitt
 Christian Warth: An Unknown Artist?
 Mettlach Artist Fritz Quidenus
 Beer Steins Designed by Franz Ringer
 The Artistic Contribution of Otto Hupp to the Manufacture of Stoneware in Mettlach

     Non-Mettlach Ceramic Steins (1850-1935)    See also “Figural (Character) Steins

Rare and Beautiful American Belleek Steins
 Porcelain Beer Steins
 Steins by Rookwood Pottery of Cincinnati, Ohio
 The August Saeltzer Factory
 “Royal Vienna” Steins
 Whites of Utica

HR Steins & the Freising Factory Revisited*

And the other 19 articles listed one must pay for.

Catalogs Under Construction


     Modern Steins (Post-WWII) See also “Figural (Character) Steins”

The Unheralded KING
 A Stein Is Born
 Pewter-Banded Steins from Thewalt
 What is it — German or Chinese?
 The KING-Werk “Limität” Series

And the other 3 articles listed one must pay for.


Senior Grande Mug and Stein Variations
“Reinventing” Brewery Steins
 Which One Is It? CS-2, CS-28 or ?
 CS-1, CS-100, CS-213: Bud Man’s Many Variations

     Regimental/Military Steins
 Regimental Steins: A Brief History
 Austrian Regimental Steins
 Owner Designations on Regimental Steins
 U.S. Military Steins

     Student Association Steins
 Introduction to Student Association Steins
 Deciphering Student Association Symbols

     Themes on Steins

 “Father Jahn” and Athletic Motifs
 4F (Gymnastics) Steins*
 The Munich Oktoberfest & Its Beer Steins
 Munich Brewery Steins
 Occupational Steins

     Unusual Materials

Ostrich Egg Drinking Vessels

For info on brewery glasses, beer boots, and pitchers I recommend:

For information on interesting meals, with different beers from around the world as a “go with” see Lisa Grimm’s  columns at:

There is some real interesting reading about drinking vessels on the WWW.

Ancient and Old glass – A very well done web site:

Here is another good one: “Bewitched! (A urine witch bottle.) ”

15,000 European glass marks A pay to use site:

For information on H-B Hofbrauhaus  (Munich) stoneware steins please see:

“I have been conducting some research on HB steins to try better pinpoint the age of the steins and how they evolved. To help with my research as well as catalog for collectors the numbered HB steins, I have started an HB stein registry. Collectors who have numbered HB steins can submit pictures of the stein, a description, price paid (optional), as well as contact info and it will be entered in the registry (optional). I am also trying to track EBay for pictures of some of the numbered steins to add into the registry. This registry will be updated and sent out to those who have contributed to the registry each month. Some of the benefits of joining the registry are: HB stein collectors will get a chance to see what else is out there, correspond with others who collect, avenue to trade and by numbered HB steins, and to help uncover the history of the steins. Anyone willing to join is welcome. Please e-mail me at”

For a very informative site on Gerold Porcelain  (a newer  German stein and puzzle mug maker) please see:

Michael is the great teck-o “son of mine” that talked me into developing the “steveonsteins” web site  and helped my down the sometimes dark and slippery corridor that is “Word Press.”

[END – SOK – 01  – R5]

I intend to live forever. So far, so good.”


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