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New Beer Stein Discussion Forum is up!

Come on in and post about beer steins!

Our new beer stein forum is here for you to ask questions, upload pictures, teach other collectors, and show off your collections!

It is a members only forum:

This is a private, members only board, open to fans of beer steins and other things to drink from.
When joining, please register for an account and then use the contact form to let us know you’ve registered.
Include some information in your email as to your interests, and your desire to join the forum.
This will let us know that you’re a human.
Once you’re membership is activated you’ll be able to post and comment.

The Management

We wanted to add this forum so that people could ask their questions publicly and post pictures – which they usually send to us in emails – and then it takes forever to get them up on the site.
So – this should be faster – and allow others to participate.

We may grill some people a bit in order to make sure they are legit – so please be patient. The more information you provide in your contact email – that faster things will move. We’re really only interested in collectors and people who are interested in steins, so to keep the board secure, decent and clean – their may be some hoops to jump through.

Come by and register for the forum today!






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